TipTileMaker 2.0

The new version of TipTileMaker (or TipTile Editor) supports installing on Microsoft Surface (the table, not the tablet), Samsung Sur40 with PixelSense, Smart Table and Windows7 systems.

You can see what version of the application you have on the lower right corner of the main screen.

The most recent version is v2.0e.

Contact us on information how to get this version.

TipTile on Sur40

The TipTile viewer (the application actually showing the TipTiles) has been updated along with the TipTileMaker. The Sur40 version has some new features and options, like text and background colour or number of tiles. On occasion features may be added or bugs may fixed.
If you have TipTiles installed on your Sur40 and they are working fine you don’t have to update the TipTile viewer.

However, there is one new feature that is noteworthy:
Closing card
One of the things missing in the Sur40 was an easy way to safely shut down the device. We have solved this by adding functionality to the Sur40 version of the TipTile viewer that will recognize a tag on the back of the card you see here. If you put the card on the table a large closing button will appear on the center of the screen. If you press this the table will shut down as it should.

If you have purchased the TipTile Editor Contact us to get your free closing card.
This will only work with a recent version of the TipTile application.

Updating TipTile

Contact us to get a link to the latest version of the TipTile application.
If you have already updated TipTile before you can use the same link.

If you have downloaded and unpacked the update, all you need to do is replace the current TipTile.exe files with this new version.
More detailed instructions are included with the download link.

How do I know if I have to update?

If you have a TipTile installed which is running fine you don’t HAVE to update. If you want to make sure you have the latest version here is what you can do:
– On the Sur40 locate the file TipTile.exe (probably where you installed your TipTile)
– Copy it to the desktop or an empty folder
– Run the application. There are a couple of possible outcomes:

    1. You get a message that a ConfigFile.xml is missing – that tells you that you certainly don’t have the latest version
    2. You get a message with a caption Checking version. If you have an internet connection set up on your Sur40 it will tell you if you need to update. Otherwise the check will fail.

TipTile on Surface

The TipTile application for the first generation Surface is still being kept up to date on the core functionality.
If you have updated your TipTileMaker you will have the latest TipTile viewer for the Surface.

If you want to update the application as part of an installed TipTile please contact us for more information.

TipTile on Smart Table

The TipTile application on the Smart Table is in most cases installed as part of a package, either a certain TipTile or the TipTileSpiral menu application. If you are using a recent version of TipTileMaker you will also have a recent version of TipTile.

If you want to update the application as part of an installed TipTile please contact us for more information.

TipTile on Windows 7

The TipTile application for Windows 7 is very close to the Sur40 version (if not the same). Look at the Sur40 section for information on when and how to update.